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About US

We are Thad and Chris, the energy behind TC Loox. We have learned first-hand the golden rules of organizational excellence...largely through 30 years of military service spanning 19 unique jobs, 15 moves, 17 years abroad, and 3 kids. Whether running a flying squadron, canoeing with Boys Scouts in Minnesota, or leading a diplomatic team during revolution-torn Egypt, we have experienced some enduring truths: In any organization, a clearly defined purpose underpinned by well-derived objectives is an absolute must. Coupled with an excellent team, success is assured. Although the axioms are universal, all organizations are unique. They require tailored strategies to realize their distinct institutional goals and be fully ready for the next opportunity to realize increased growth and profits.


We are passionate about organizational excellence.



“Chris and Thad Hunkins have boundless energy and enthusiasm. They will provide you efficient, logical, tailored, and values-based solutions to your challenges. I witnessed this first hand when Thad and Chris were the Dean and Spouse-leader for the Ottawa, Canada Military Attaché Association. This dynamic duo is first class all the way!”

 — Senior US Coast Guard Officer

“...besides his leadership and expertise, he’s just a positive energy who contributes mightily to creating and fostering that intangible, difficult-to-find constructive and optimistic atmosphere we all seek and desire to inject energetic enthusiasm into our organizations and endeavors.

 — Ambassador Bruce Heyman

“His compassion as a person and patience as a coach were greatly valued by all of us, but particularly by myself. Understanding my Army specific and personal strengths, he helped me to forge a special niche in our team and excel.”

 — Col Rob

“As a mentor and coach, Thad was the right person at the right place and time.”

 — US Army Officer

“He quickly identified and maximized each of our talents to ensure the collective Team’s success as well as our individual accomplishments.”

 — US Embassy Ottawa Diplomat

“The first words that come to mind are compassionate leadership. These two words, in my estimation, sum up much of how Colonel Hunkins led our team and engendered a culture of excellence in both individuals and the organization as a whole.”

 — Ms. McDonnell, Canadian Executive Assistant

"Thad was my go-to senior advisor - he has superior judgment and always finds a win-win solution."

 — State Department Senior Foreign Service Officer

“Colonel Hunkins is the consummate military professional: diplomatic, highly technically skilled and incredibly well-versed in the Department of Defense and all the branches of the US armed forces. He was a fantastic, cooperative partner for the Department of Homeland Security, a true team player within the

country team and an inspiring leader."

 — Senior Official, Department of Homeland Security

“He coached me to thrive as an introverted person in a highly extroverted environment. He enabled me to do the job my way, and as a result strengthen the team as a whole.”

 — R.W., US Embassy Ottawa

“An extremely competent leader and representative ... very knowledgeable and intelligent — a highly desired
teammate. Outstanding personality which is gregarious, approachable and humble. Leads with others, not by ruling as a King, but involving and supporting the development of others so they can be successful.”

 — Senior Official, Customs & Border Protection

“I enthusiastically provide Colonel Thad Hunkins my strongest recommendation and support for any position where there is an urgent need for an unparalleled combination of talent, effort, organization, analytical/intellectual rigor, and, most importantly, team-building leadership acumen. In short, he delivers results, every day—all while fostering an environment of impressive Esprit de Corps that engenders both workplace loyalty and a fervent commitment to excellence through cheerful service. Moreover, his infectious leadership style has spread throughout our Embassy to inspire his senior staff peers to adopt an equally focused and gregarious modus operandi—Thad makes us all better.”

 — Ambassador Bruce Heyman

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