Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We listen, observe, and collaborate to provide customized, team-oriented organizational optimization to achieve personal and institutional objectives and be poised to capitalize on emergent opportunities in the operational near-term that map out to a strategic goals, growth, and profits blueprint.


All organizations are unique. TC Loox exists to enable teams of any size to excel through unified purpose, streamlined practices, professionalized energy, deliberate planning, and collaborative communication which drive personal development, institutional excellence, and organizational success.

The Team That Makes It Happen
Thad  |  The Idealist
Christine  |  The Pragmatist
  • From Northern NY

  • USAF RetireePilot, Squadron Commander

  • Father of 3

  • People First | Mission Always

  • Focused, ENFJ

  • Dean, Foreign Attache Corps

  • Scout Leader

  • B.S. Computer Science & Math

  • Masters in Administration​Military Operational Art & ScienceStrategic Studies

  • Diplomat​

  • Bogey Golfer, Aspiring Curler, Hockey Fan

  • Novice Beer Brewer

  • From NY Finger Lakes Area

  • Volunteer

  • Mother of 3, 30 years married

  • Leader Foreign Attache’ Spouse Association

  • Master logistician, Critical Thinker

  • ESTJ, World Traveler

  • Boy & Girl Scout Leader w/2 Eagle Scouts

  • Patient listener, wise counselor

  • Team MVP

  • Ace caregiver

  • Industrious, Energetic

  • Faith and Family First